DRBC stand on Critical Race Theory/Intersectionality (CRT/I)

DRBC has drafted a resolution for the Color Country Baptist Association to ask the Utah Idaho Southern Baptist Convention to submit a a resolution for the SBC to rescind Resolution 9 which was passed at the SBC National meeting in 2019. The following is the text of the proposed resolution:

Proposed resolution from the CCBA to the UISBC regarding Resolution 9, 2019

Whereas, at the 2019 SBC national meeting, a resolution was passed accepting “Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality” (CRT/I) as valid tools for interpreting Scripture and ordering the actions of Christ’s Church, and

Whereas, insufficient time for discussion of CRT/I on the floor of the meeting was allotted, and 

Whereas, CRT/I points away from the biblical categories of sin and righteousness to the categories of “oppressed” and “oppressor” we are convinced that CRT/I is not a useful “analytical tool” for the explanation of Scripture, most specifically as it regards the presentation of the biblical plan of salvation, and

Whereas, we are very concerned about that the inroads that the contemporary “Social Justice” movement, which is largely motivated by CRT/I rather than by biblical truth, has made in the Southern Baptist Convention, and

Whereas, we are very concerned that, by adopting CRT/I, the saints of God are choosing to follow the culture rather than Christ and, in so doing, will continue to neglect our role in actively seeking true, biblical justice,


Therefore, be it resolved that the Color Country Baptist Association, although we recognize the autonomy of our member churches, as an Association stands against the adoption of CRT/I by any SBC entity, and  

Be it further resolved that the Color Country Baptist Association task a brother or sister in good standing with submitting a similar resolution to the Utah/Idaho Southern Baptist Convention, for their adoption, as well as requesting that they, in turn, task a brother or sister in good standing with presenting a similar resolution for consideration at the 2021 annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention.