Personal Virus Protection Protocol

Personal Virus Protection Protocol

Dear DRBC family and guests,





Normally, DRBC has a strict privacy policy.
Prayer requests do not include names.
Things discussed with the pastors or counselors remain confidential, except:
When there is abuse of a minor or elderly person reported,
When there is a pattern of unrepentant sin which must be brought before the congregation.
Other rare circumstances.

HOWEVER, in any case where the health or safety of other persons are threatened, DRBC, with permission, may share the name with the congregation of anyone attending any church event who has been diagnosed or is later diagnosed with a serious contagious disease.  THIS INFORMATION IS FOR DRBC ATTENDEES ONLY.   


Our plan is to remain cautious as we gather for worship. We will frequently review the situation, and if we need to adjust our plan, we will.  We desire to offer as much safety as we can.

NEW AS OF 10/22/2020 !!!! – Governor Gary Herbert has announced a new plan for reducing the transmission rate of COVID19. This plan affects DRBC.  Washington county is a in a”high” transmission category in order to break the circuit of the large increase in the daily number of cases occurring throughout the state. Washington county now has a mask-mandate for public, indoor meetings until further notice. The Governor’s announcement of this new plan included an exemption for churches that would limit the size of gatherings. This means that DRBC can comply with the Governor’s request that we all help reduce the transmission rate by wearing a mask during our meetings. The Governor has stated he will not infringe upon the religious liberty of churches, but he has asked that the entire community work to reduce the rate of transmission of the virus. 

Whatever we might think of the value of wearing masks or the potential harm of contracting the virus, we can show our love for one another and be a good witness to our neighbors by joyfully complying with this new strategy.

So, until further notice, masks are required at all indoor DRBC meetings, to be worn throughout the meeting.

We realize that there may be legitimate medical reasons that some people cannot wear a cloth facemask. In that case, there are inexpensive face shields that are available in stores and online.. A face shield is an alternative to a medical or cloth facemask in the case of those who have medical reasons not to wear a mask.

We plan to continue to livestream our meetings for those who cannot attend. You can watch live on the DRBC YouTube channel on Sundays at 10:30 am.

Because of our freedom in Christ, let’s joyfully choose to take this opportunity to love one another. We all have our opinions about different agendas that have been pursued during the course of this virus outbreak. Let’s pursue the agenda of loving God and loving others.

Note: We encourage DRBC members to comply with the Governor’s guidelines for private gatherings.  Those can be found here:  


Let us all love and be patient with brothers and sisters who have different opinions and preferences.  Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

We will keep you informed of any changes by special E-mail.  Please check your E-mail regularly. To help you sort through your E-mail, the subject line for these updates will be “Meeting Updates”.

Here are our current protocols for everyone’s safety following CDC and government guidance and mandates.   ***We will widely announce when/if any of these policies change:

Regarding attendance and spacing:

*For the time being, we will only have the 10:30 worship service. Only the auditorium and the nursery will be open.  Two mothers and their nursing child in the nursery at a time.

*The restrooms will be available, and will be frequently sanitized.  Please wash hands well before exiting restrooms.

*No other spaces will be available for use.
*Please refrain from shaking hands or hugs or any contact that violates the distancing protocols. Smile and wave!
*Sorry, only limited childcare will be provided.  Please email in advance so we can plan.  Parents, please keep close watch on and control over your children. Thank you!
*Entering and Exiting: To maintain proper distancing, everyone will be guided in through the front doors in family groups.
*Any handicapped person or special needs person will be escorted to advanced entry.
*After the service, ushers will guide the exiting process row by row, maintaining distance, through the auditorium emergency doors.  Please remain seated until your group is called.
*Please maintain distancing after the service, both inside and outside.
*Please come early so that there is not a crush at 10:30 and so we can start on time.
*Everyone will get a squirt of hand sanitizer on entry.
**It would be helpful if you could bring your own small containers of sanitizer, so you can use it often.

We understand that these precautions are not convenient.

*If you are experiencing symptoms of any communicable disease, including a common cold, flu, and COVID19, or fit any of the categories below, we will miss you, but please stay home.
1. Do you have any of the following symptoms? Fever, a cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, chills, body aches, sore throat, or a headache.
2. Have you been in close contact with any person who has traveled to a high risk area or is exhibiting those symptoms?
3. Have you or anyone in close contact with you tested positive for Covid-19?

Regarding the facility:
*Our dedicated cleaning team will sanitize key “touch areas”.  Please don’t touch anything that you don’t need to.
*Some seating areas have been temporarily removed to maintain distance. Please respect that.
*If you are in the same row as someone else (except in a household group), please keep at least 3 seats between you and the next person.  Note: “Households” are people who live full time under the same roof.   Close friends, extended family and short term visitors are not part of the “household”.

May God bless us all as we seek to do His will, in His way, for His glory!!