Lives Matter

Throughout much of 2020, we saw unrest and heard cries for justice and deliverance for the African-American community. Certainly, God is pleased with justice, and He is a God of deliverance. However, many of the cries for justice are not based on the truth of the Word of God. Our society has been increasingly committed to secularism, materialism, relativism, and a culture of death and sexual immorality. The fruit of this is coming home. Many antichrists have come into the world (1 John 2:18), and their forces have been working in opposition to the True and Living God. So, the popular cultural and social solutions to the problem of injustice include all manner of unjust, hypocritical, and unhelpful manifestations of evil and sinful ideologies. We have lawlessness being committed within a movement that is claiming to be fighting lawlessness. 

There are some from evangelical churches who are abandoning the sufficiency of the Bible and trading that for appeasing and even promoting secular and godless ideologies. There are some among evangelicals who are abandoning the Gospel and replacing it with a message written by unbelieving promoters of political and social ideologies. By doing that, they are no longer holding out hope to the whole world through the proclamation of the gospel, but they are announcing that, even as Christians, they have been participating in an oppressive system, and that now, in order to be Christian, a white person (any person in power) must admit to their “sin” of belonging to an oppressive powerful class. This is abandonment of the gospel.  Let us move away from the category of “racism.”  God made only one race…the human race.  In this context, Satan is the true and only real racist.  He wants nothing less than the destruction of the human race…the chosen of which Christ came to seek and save! 

Demonstrating harmful thought and actions against any image bearer of God is indeed an evil sin. Those who are saved by the power of the gospel are redeemed from the penalty and power of sin of every kind, including hatred of people with different color skin. Any sin must be defined according to the Bible and not according to godless philosophies, and it can only be dealt with through the application of the saving benefits of Jesus’ perfect life and His substitutionary death, burial, and resurrection. If a believer treats another person with ethnic, color, or social partiality, that is a sin that must be dealt with by confession and repentance. Let us cling to the gospel as the only hope for sinners. Let us never trade the saving power of the gospel for human ideologies. Salvation is of the Lord, and can only be found through the saving work of the Messiah.