To Our LDS Neighbors

1. Are you an active, committed Latter Day Saint? 

We care about you enough to urge you to thoroughly examine the doctrines and truth claims contained in your scriptures and pronouncements from your revelators. We believe that many of your most important doctrines, including the nature of God and the way and meaning of salvation are in contradiction to the clear teaching of the Bible. Here is a small sampling: 

Bible: There is one God (1 Tim 2:5)LDS doctrine: There are many gods (Abraham 4, TOTPJS pg. 370)
Bible: Salvation is by grace alone. Good works follow gracious salvation. (Ephesians 2:8-10)LDS doctrine: Salvation comes by obedience to the laws and ordinances of the Gospel. (Articles #3)
Bible: God is not a man (Numbers 23:19)
LDS doctrine: God is a glorified man (TOTPJS, pg. 345-346) 
Bible: Before me no God was formed, nor shall there be any after me. (Isaiah 43:10)LDS doctrine: Men can become gods (D&C 131-132, GP Ch. 47)
Bible: God sent His only Son into the world… (1 John 4:9)LDS doctrine: Satan is God’s son and the spirit brother of Jesus (Moses 4, GP Ch 3) 

We have many resources that can help you to discover the truth. We exhort you, we plead with you, from a heart of compassion for you…seek the truth and don’t measure it by a “feeling” that you may get as you pray about it. Measure your “truth” by comparing it to the Bible. We would be happy to meet with you face to face, in private, to have a conversation with you and provide you with resources to help you objectively examine your faith.

2. Are you already questioning whether the LDS system is true? 

We care for you enough that we have invested time, effort and money to help you get at the truth. We are not “anti-Mormon” …we are “pro-truth.” We’d be happy to lovingly, compassionately, freely share our resources with you so you can have real answers to the questions you already have. We know that even considering leaving the LDS system is a momentous, life-changing process. We suspect that you are concerned about losing your LDS family and friends. We suspect from talking with many people in your position that you may be struggling not only with your relationship to the LDS system, but even 

with the existence or goodness of God! We know that seriously questioning what you have been told and believed for years is hard. We want to be there for you. We want to talk, walk and pray with you. Our sincere desire for you is that you follow the evidence of truth wherever it may lead and that you don’t wind up like so many we have spoken to…lost, confused, perhaps angry, sad, even depressed. We care about you. You are made in the image of God! Not only are you invited to be our guest and learn what the Bible truly says, we would also be happy to meet with you in private to get to know you…and vice versa. 

3. Have you left the LDS system and don’t know where to go from here? 

We care about you enough that we are willing…more than willing… to spend whatever time it takes to help you get grounded in the truth of the Bible which is the only source of ultimate truth… truth that determines your eternal destiny…heaven or hell! We have spoken to many people… young, middle age and more mature who are extremely hurt by being lied to by the LDS system for years, who are struggling with trusting any religious” system, especially one which claims to be the “only” source of truth, who are sad about loss of family and friends and just don’t know what to believe anymore…some of whom have given up on God altogether. That is tragic! We have great compassion for you! We have a number of people in our congregation who have been where you are and can walk with you through this tough time. We want to give you “true truth” from the Bible. Regardless of what you have heard, the Bible is 100% reliable! It is truth that you can rest in and rely on! We want to introduce you to the true Jesus who can truly save you from the wrath of God (which all sinners richly deserve) when you place your faith in Him and stop relying on anything you can do to contribute to your salvation. Will you let us serve you in that way? Will you let us be family to you? We will meet with you privately if that would be helpful to you…just contact us. We want to honestly answer all your honest questions from the Bible, hiding nothing.

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